Cesni Tour Dates and more news!

It's been a while since I posted new performance dates. I had a very busy Summer and Fall performing with the Late Risers Quartet (trad jazz, dixieland, NOLA, swing) on tenor banjo and am now prepping for Cesni Trio's upcoming…


Cesni Trio @ Outpost Date Change

This month's Cesni Trio performance at Outpost 186 in Cambridge has been moved to Thursday, 3/23 @ 8pm. Normally this monthly performance is on every 4th Wednesday, so this change is for March only. For more info on this and…

New video and instruments!

Check out the new video of the 'alterna-telli:' a re-purposed parlor guitar with additional frets and a very odd tuning. Also, a new picture and description are up of the alterna-telli and my tenor guitar on the Instruments Page. Enjoy!

New tracks added to the site wide player!

There are some new tracks up on the site wide player, including a live recording of the Cesni Trio at Club Passim and several tunes I wrote for the new Klezwoods record, Toy Monkey. Check them out!

How to build a tanbur blog on Tumblr

I am uploading photos and descriptions of my summer project of building a tanbur under the tutelage of Feridun Ozgoren and Fred Stubbs on my tumblr page. Thus far, the process has been very interesting and super fun. I…

Jeni Jol Album Now Available!

Pick up your copy of the new album at one of Jeni Jol's live shows, CDBaby, Amazon, Itunes, or anywhere you buy new music.