Tev Stevig is a Boston-based guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, specializing in a variety of plucked string instruments. His current projects include Çeşni Trio, which explores original music inspired by Eastern modal music forms for tanbur, fretless guitar, oud, and saz; Ivo & the Wave Wranglers, Tev’s Balkan surf rock and Banitsa Western power trio; and Jeni Jol, which is dedicated to his arrangements of music from the Balkans, Greece, and Turkey for clawhammer guitar.

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Cesni Tour Dates and more news! 

It's been a while since I posted new performance dates. I had a very busy Summer and Fall performing with the Late Risers Quartet (trad jazz, dixieland, NOLA, swing) on tenor banjo and am now prepping for Cesni Trio's upcoming tour with Dolunay throught New England. I also have a new project I'm working with some very interesting musicians (Volkan Efe, Ceren Turkmenoglu, and Michael Harrist) performing the music of Ottoman-Turkish women composers, with a concert coming up in Cambridge, MA. Orchestrotica has tour in Florida coming up in late February/early March. And finally, we just completed tracking for the new Cesni Trio album and will start the editing/mixing phase shortly. For all performance info, visit the Calendar page. To stay up to date on all news, join the email list and follow me on social media. Thanks, looking forward to seeing you at one of these upcoming performances!

Cesni Trio @ Outpost Date Change 

This month's Cesni Trio performance at Outpost 186 in Cambridge has been moved to Thursday, 3/23 @ 8pm. Normally this monthly performance is on every 4th Wednesday, so this change is for March only. For more info on this and the upcoming Ross Daly/Kelly Thoma New England Tour, please visit my Calendar page.

New video and instruments! 

Check out the new video of the 'alterna-telli:' a re-purposed parlor guitar with additional frets and a very odd tuning. Also, a new picture and description are up of the alterna-telli and my tenor guitar on the Instruments Page. Enjoy!

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